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Kate Shaw, who together with Jennie McGregor Smith and Margaret Cooper founded WORDS in the late 1970's, and who for many years has been the driving force behind WORDS, has decide to step down from being Chair.

WORDS is too valuable, as part of the "cultural offer " of Bromsgrove, to let it die and so I have offered my services to act as Chair for the next two / three of years.

Kate will be staying on the Committee as Minutes Secretary, so we will have still the benefit of her experience, Joy Lloyd Taylor will be Acting Treasurer and Supporters Secretary, Pam Yarwood has joined the Committee as Vice Chair, Sonia French is Archives Secretary and Pat Tansell and Matt Vivian are ex officio Committee Members.

We have " outsourced " the running of the Website to Tom Mayman of Mayman Design.

We do need a Supporter to act as Treasurer. It is not a very arduous task - there are not any membership fees to be collected, and we intend to have four / five events a year, so what is needed is for someone to keep track of the revenue from the ticket sales and the agreed expenses incurred by the artists.

If you have basic bookkeeping skills, that should be fine, so if you are prepared to support WORDS by joining the Committee to take on the role, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Taylor, Chairman / 07988-083101

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